Girls, business clothing line for women only?

I were talking with some friends a while ago about job applications, suitable clothing lines for business/office jobs and jobs which required suits/suit jackets in for example bank jobs, sales, office related jobs. One of my female friends told us that she had to go to Zara to buy a jacket for her new work whereas we men could find and buy suits/jackets from male only clothing lines easier.
My question is:

Would a business/office clothing line for women only from the age of 20 and upwards be successful out on the market?
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  • I think "Yes" *if* they sold all kinds of women's work wear. The thick wedge heels that are difficult to find, covered shoes, jackets, skirts, shirts, blouses, uniforms. That way no matter what kind of job they work in they'll be able to find something semi-formal and appropriate. Haha, you could call the store "Work It"


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