I don't know what face shape I have?

i looked online and it said if you have long face, your face will be longer than it is wide :S isn't that everyone?!?! and then if your oval, your length of face is exactly 1.5 the width. which mine is. but on a face analyzer it said my face is too long/narrow...:| I don't wanna put my pic up, but would anybody advise how to check for sure?

plus do you find long faces unattractive =[


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  • People all have difference face shapes, I have provided you think a link that will help you to determine your face shape. It doesn't just depend on the length and width, it depends on the cheekbones and the facial structure too :) I hope the link helps and long faces aren't unnatractive at all, however if you do find you have a long face, you should use make - up tips and hairsyles to suit the face shape.


    Good luck (: