Can guys wear slacks to high school?

I bought some perfectly fit slacks and was wondering if it was possible to pull them off as normal pants. tips on how to pull them off would also be appreciated.
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  • It depends how you wears them. Needs to see an outfit to tell. But you may appear more serious and mature than trendy and youthful if you wears them.


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  • lol why wouldn't you be able to? But what do you mean by "normal pants"? I would not recommend wearing them without a belt and tucked shirt because it looks silly. Maybe if you have some ridiculously expensive fashion shirt that isn't meant to be tucked in and you are the type to pull off weird fashions then it would work.

  • Its totally ok for a guy to wear slacks. You can wear a polo, button down, and even a simple t-shirt. It also depends on what look you're going for.


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