How was your accutane experience?

I'm About to start accutane and I was just wondering what everyone's experience was like and what I need to know before I start. Anything bad that happened to you, (I know dryness is a thing) ? And if anyone has any makeup tips to help me out while I'm on this please let me know! Also did accutane help with any red marks left from pimples that orignally started on your face? I have post acne marks, do you think accutane will get rid of that too?


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  • Your hormones are going to be every where like worse than normal but that varies with people (I've never taken it but it's just what I've noticed). My best friend is on it and she uses eucerin products that should help with the dryness and also baby bum cream put that on your face at night time like a mask

    • Thank you, by hormones do you mean like mood swings? Could I be angry one minute and depressed the next?

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    • Ok and your friends that went on it did they have severe or moderate acne? I'm more on the moderate but persistent side and I'm nervous I'm going to have severe breakouts with school starting. Do you know if your friend had any bad breakouts? Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it

    • So my one friend had awful scarring acne and now her skins basically like porcelain and a friend that's recently started it is the sane as you and she just said she feels like a lizard but normal, it's really going to dry out your skin through and you'll have flakes.

      And no problem this is the reason the site exists

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