Girls, mom jeans on curvy body?

i bought mom fit jeans on sales, i am not really curvy, i just have quite big thighs, big ass and a little tummy but i am not large, i do not wear XXL, i just always have to wear quite bigger trousers. i bought them because they are comfortable and they are fashionable (i love them) and how cheap they were since they were on sales in bershka.
but the thing is my mom says i am too fat to wear them, that they are totally not on my figure? and at first i did not see it at all but now i start wondering... could you help me with that? :D


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  • If you like them, you should definitly just were them! If you are asking for your body type i would recommend a "high wasted" mom jeans x

    • thank you, mine are high waisted <3

    • Then everything will be okay sweatheart! If you were it with confidence everything will look great :)

    • thank you so much :3

  • wear what you like. who cares what someone else thinks about what you wear. If you aree comfortable that is all that matters. you have to like your outward appearance. I wear what I like these days not what someone thinks I should.


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