What's with the change?

To keep things pretty short, me and my ex broke up and both sorta agreed that remaining friends would be a good idea for both of us since we both cared. The thing is she has a new boy friend and he got with him almost 2 weeks after we broke up, and never told me until I actually found out for myself, through one of my friends( 1 month after they started dating). She was okay about but was really confusing, she was surprised that I didn't explode or get emotional or anything, she just said she was shocked about it. We had friendly banter and hanging around every now and again, she has gotten frustrated a few time's with me and stuff. But we would just say we are over reacting calm down and continue our friendship. But only recently have we had two major arguments, one being about me saying "I can tell that you are busy, so I am going to go out with the boy's" and the other just about how she feels like a fool because I give her suggestions that she has already thought of and she got mad at me,despite never telling me she had already done it. This does not make any sense and is not friendly, despite her constantly saying she wants to be friends with me. I have to say I feel confused and probably wondering why she is looking so deep into things. Do you have a clue what could be happening?


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  • 1. She is looking so deep into things because she's a girl. This never stops and we have to over analyze everything.

    Being a female myself, It seems like she 100% got into another relationship right away so it could a) possibly make you jealous and b) take her mind off of you and to "fill the void". She is not over you, in anyway and wants to have full control over you. Even if she doesn't want to be with you, I'm not sure if she does or doesnt, she still is claming you as her boyfriend. She's simply trying to drag you along so she has a fall back plan if she doesn't find someone else. I'm sorry that was so blunt but that's exactly what she's doing. Remember, she's your ex for a reason...stay away. Good luck

    • Thank you for your answer, it does help when people are blunt and honest like this.

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