Do you think hairless forearms on females are sexy?

Most young women in North America, Latin America, Europe from ages 14 to 34 think hairless forearms are sexy, and they set the trends, just like with piercings My 75 year old mom (who looks a beautiful 50) shaves her forearms nowadays,& I've seen plenty of good looking women in their 70's with diamond nose rings.


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  • I think that's very expensive. You must have deep pockets to pay for your partner to wax her arms every two weeks or so.

    • Every other Saturday is spa day for her. She gets her forearms waxed then, among other things. The same was the case with my deceased wife. I enjoy rubbing my girlfriend's forearms, just as I did my late wife's forearms.

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    • Ty Dolla $ign always sports the "Steve Garrett" stubble on purpose, I liked his gold nose ring in that music video too, sometimes he'll wear an out of style little cross earring in his left ear (what was in style for white guys into heavy metal music back in the 1980's) just for the hell of it. He got Dolla $ign tattooed across his throat in his early 30's when he was a broke aspiring rap,/reggae/singing hip-hop artist. He now he's 41 & get's paid big money to talk shit about how he gets any young women he wants by snapping his fingers & handles everything with his bank, while wearing no bling, as a featured artist in big production pop and R&B songs/music videos. Now he can back up his "in your face" tat. That's why I always wear facial hair in court, because it's against the norms of courtroom appearance. I wear unique looking suits too, & hairdo that's "inappropriate" in court, to some, but what I think looks good on me. But no earrings or nose ring. Not yet anyway...

    • Please stop. I don't care.

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