Would I look like a fool?

I just bought for first in my life with my own Monet Nike Air Max 2017 Men's Running Shoe, The question is I would wear the shoe for out doors go out with my friends to club, college and stuff, now because its designed for running and I wear it for my daily shoe just to walk with them no running, would I be fool doing that? stupid? uncool? I can return it if I didn't like it so is not big deal, should I return it? Would I look like a fool??


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  • wuite a few people wear them for every day use so not stupud no... use them how you want. personally i wouldn't use them for a club (quite a few clubs have a no trainers policy) and plus you dont want spilled drink and sick going on decent shoes.

    • I've never heard of that rule at clubs... What is the reason? I don't club though lol.

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    • Ah, thanks. Makes sense! Also I agree with your opinion about the shoes in general.

    • aham ^^ very nice, helpful asf ) thanks bro

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