what hairstyle should I get or should I stick to this one ?

I'm aiming to get into the dating game and want to look good.

new pic same hair link


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  • umm get your hair cut in layers on top and short at the sides. gell the front and the top a bit and you should be good :)

  • Dude, stop worrying about what you look like.

    • I can't lol :/

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    • That doesn't makebany sense... initial attraction is almost always physical

    • Ure right dude, its almost always physical to start with. H/e, are you going to keep changing ure looks depending on your crush's taste? That's just insane. When it comes to looks, always be ure self, no body should have anything to do with it.

      If you keep following what other people suggest, u'll eventually run broke.

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