Girls, Can you help with dress size?

Hi girls. I could use your help. I just went on a great diet and with exercise, lost a decent amount of weight. I'm down from 157 lbs. to 141, and I'm very excited. I'm 5'7", and I'm trying to figure out my dress size. Historically, I've worn an 10-12 or a Large. I'm looking to get some things online, where I do most of my shopping. If you had to guess, where would I be now? Have I come down a size?
Oh, I should also add that I am a 34B with a 31" waist.


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  • Good for you🙂 Yeah if you lost 16 lbs you definitely went down a size. I don't know what site you shop but does it list the three measurements? Like next to size chart it say a size 10 is 35,30,37 or something like that? If it does then measure yourself and you know what size.

  • Maybe an 8 I'd get some measuring tape to measure yourself so you'd know for sure


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