My hair thinned out badly after a allergic reaction from hair dye but is it permanent?

My hair and scalp burned from the hair dye, usually I have thick healthy hair but it thinned out a lot I'm really really scared but my sister (who has a lot of experience with hair) told me its not permanent...

does anyone have this experience?

and I know this sounds ignorant but please don't tell me anything harsh I'm so tense about my hair I feel Il never ever touch hair color again...


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  • Valuable lesson I hope you learned:

    Do not fuck with your hair.

    In fact, do not fuck with your body such as getting implants or cosmetic surgery or any other bullshit. You are fine the way God made you.


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  • I have had a similar experience and I didn't dye my hair for months. What color do you dye your hair?

    • I dyed it blonde to make it brown cause I dyed it jet black.

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    • Thanks for your option I appreciate it. Have a nice day you 😊

    • You too, have a good life : )

  • Happened to me after the pill.. First the pill made me super fat, then it made my hair fall out 😖... Word to the wise, don't take hirmonal birth control o any kind. My hair was always beautiful until I started the pill to regulate the cramps. I wish I knew now what I knew then.. My hair is regrowing but it's not what it was

    • Ohhh pills mess with hormones... just don't take it for the longest time.

    • No honey. Don't take it AT ALL! . It destroys your hormonal receptors... Imagine a lock and key.. A key (your own hormones) fits inside the key hole (your hormonal receptors).. Then you take the pill (severely disfigured "keys") and they permenatley destroys the key holes.. Now, no matter how hard you try, you've fucked yourself up for good. 😔

    • A female human was never meant to be pumped full of horse hormones.. Some women escape unscathed but most pay the price eventually. Through things like hair loss, weight gain, or breast cancer later in life.

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