Ear very very swollen after lobe piercings?

Ok so on Thursday I pierced my earlobes myself using an 18g sterile hollow piercing needle. I pierced two holes on my left ear lobe and one hole on my right ear lobe (because it already had the second piercing.

Now my left ear is very very swollen, but to be fair every time I've ever had my lobe pierced my ears swelled up like crazy but because before I had them done by the gun the back was always on too tight and cause so much pressure I had to take them out. I lost 3 piercings because of this (I had gotten the second hole of my left ear pierced twice but always had to take it out)

I think my ears are fighting back at me because I have a helix/cartilage piercing in my left ear that has been pierced for 4 months and that's just decided to flare up. And I'm in the process of stretching my ears and i went from a 14g to a 12g in 4 days (no pain no discomfort)

Is it normal for my earlobes to swell up massively? Should I just keep cleaning them and then try and give my ears a break by not messing around with them as much ie going up a size or getting anything else pierced.

Also what do you think is the point of no return for stretched ears before they can't revert back to their normal size?
Ear very very swollen after lobe piercings?
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