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Well, I've been dyeing my hair dark for a little over a year, and it's been gradually getting darker from different dyes. I thought I would like having black hair, but then I kinda sorta changed my mind completely. Now I'm dying to have light blond hair. I waited about two months for the dark color of my hair to fade, but it hasn't lightened even a little. By the end of the two months, my roots had started growing in. My natural hair color is a light auburn brown by the way. So, when I decided that the black color of my hair wasn't going to fade very much, and I didn't want to wait anymore, I tried dyeing it blond. But it was just my luck when the blond dye only touched my natural hair color growing in at the top of my head. It did nothing to the rest of my black hair. So, right now I have blond roots (around an inch or two) and very much still black ends (the rest of my hair). How should I go about going blond.


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  • I had advice for you right up until I read the bottom quarter of this. ahh when you bleach bout dark dyed hair never touch the roots. :( at least not until the rest of it is lightend. I know the packedge says to start there but not in this situation. Your best bet would be a professional, they've seen it a million times they know what to do. If you don't want to spend that kind of money go to a hair college, they're newer at it but they are trained and know what they're doing, plus it's cheaper. If you want to avoid professionals, then try washing your hair with really hot water, it does make it fade faster. Head and shoulders is supposed to be a good colour stripping shampoo, I've also heard sunlight dish soap strips colour as well, but you'll need to mix it with some good conditioner of you won't be able to comb your hair until it's dry... and even then. Also putting lemon juice in your hair then going out in sunllight is a non harsh way to lighten it a bit. Once you have lightened it you can try bleaching again, but starting at the ends this time, they need the most time to develop. You'll also need a toner because it's come out rather coppery on the first attempt, (you might have to deal with being ginger for a bit until your hair is ready to bleach again.) And follow the instructions on the toner, don't think leaving it in longer will get more of the yellow out, it'll just turn your hair purple and I'm guessing you don't want that. Getting a protein filler will also help keep some life in your hair, and don't forget condition condition condition. If you think you've done it too much do it more.

    • Thank you! :)

    • No prob, I have a lot of experience both personal and with friends with this occurance.

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  • Jesus H. Christ! What's so wrong with your natural hair color?

    • I have my heart set on being blond. I don't think there's anything wrong with changing your hair color. Doing so gives you a whole new look, and sometimes some change is good. :)

    • Well I notice you didn't answer. Oh well. That's to be expected.

    • There is nothing wrong with my natural hair color, but, like I already said, I would like to try something new. Not that it should concern you.

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