What's the deal?

OK so I always see guys saying "i don't like it when girls wear a lot of makeup I like them with messy hair and in sweats" and different things to that degree... But I was reading stuff recently online, I don't remember where or what it was. But it said that "it's a proven fact that men like very dark, heavily lined eyes and dark eye makeup."

So which is it? I always head guys saying they prefer a more natural look, then see the girls they drool over (at least where I live) who have orange skin and pounds of makeup on, fake lashes, the whole works. And these articles are pretty much agreeing with that.

So what's the deal which one is it? I know not everyone is the same, but it made it clear that's what 99% of guys like, same with my observations.


i believe the article by the way was on 'how to attract men' giving tips on how you make yourself more appealing and what men look for and want.
no I'm not generalizing. I'm telling you what the article said. That's why I'm asking is because the article was generalizing and said that it's "proven that all men like this" that's why I'm asking is because I thought it seemed a little extreme.
thanks everyone!


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  • Guys like the girls that have on fake lashes, fake hair, and pounds of makeup. You're absolutely right! Those are the girls they drool over the most!

    I think guys like the IDEA of girls looking that way without makeup and fake lashes/hair/tans, but most girls cannot meet that standard.

    What does a girl do when she does not meet certain beauty standards? She wears makeup, gets a tan, gets hair extensions, put on heels, etc.

    I REALLY think guys should be less hard on girls about makeup. Girls put on makeup to look pretty and boost their confidence.

    Also I think some guys perceptions of makeup are a little skewed. When guys think makeup their probably thinking about girls that look like they put the entire MAC counter on their faces. LIke Mimi from the Drew Carry Show.

    • I absolutely agree with this answer:-)

      This should be best answer for every question similar to this

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  • I think there are 2 parts to this. 1) Girls with makeup may catch a guy's eye and the guy will check her out. 2) At the same time, when you get close to a girl that is wearing a ton of makeup, it is yucky.

    I know this is a dilema, but I believe the solution is for girls to wear just a little makeup. It goes a long way.

  • If you read anything where they use a phrase like "it's a proven fact that-" or "everyone knows-", if they don't cite their source immediately afterword, they're just talking out of their ass.

    There's also two very different types of attractions, so while if you were to dress up with dark eyeliner and dark eye makeup, I may be sexually excited, I'd probably have zero interest in you emotionally.

  • I don't like make up.

    It's unneeded. If you are pretty, you don't need it. If you aren't, make up probably won't help much or at all.

    Takes forever to put on, it looks fake, it comes off on my face, you worry about messing it up, it cost a lot of money sometimes.

  • id imagine you read it in cosmo. or something like that..magazines like that would do such a thing..

    i really could care less about it all. its a bonus to me. I date for personalities not looks. just ask my girlfriend. lol

    besides your generalizing. your saying all men like the same thing..when we really dont. lol


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  • I think you interpreted what you read the wrong way, it's been proven that guys are sexually attracted to the smokey eye look, because it makes women look like they have larger bedroom eyes. That is not to say it should be "very dark, heavily lined" but more of a softer smudgy look

    this is attractive link

    this is just too much link

    Although I do agree with you that I always see guys going after very artificial looking girls even though they claim to want someone natural looking

  • Guys who say that are being politically correct and saying what they believe should be said

  • Well, some guys have different taste and all ^_^

    Somlike a clean unplastic girl

    Some men like very sexy...fake women

    Some like them blond. some like the brunette

    Not every guy is the same, though it seems like it some times. :p

    • I know ha ha the place I live is really uptight and snooty so the whole orange skin fake boobs thing seems to be the big deal here :O

    • Aw yes -.-

      Hahahaha, well if that isn't you, don't do anything to get dudes, please!

    • Haha nope lol like I dress nice and stuff but I'm not going to spend a ton of money to completely change things about myself like my skin hair etc. lol they're going to have to deal with it :P

  • guys are lying and trying to give the most PC answer when they say that.