Girls, is some belly/ no tone a deal breaker?

I eat healthy, cook my own food, dont really drink a lot of pop or have junk food too much. I am a healthy weight as well and I live a healthy life style. However, I have a little belly and am not really toned. I have no desire to lift weights or spend time at the gym. Id rather practice or do something intellectually stimulating. Is it a deal breaker if I dont have a flat stomach or good muscle tone? It doesn't bother me if a girl is like this as long as she's trying to live healthy and take care of herself.


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  • im pretty sure you should be good as long as you dont get to the dad bod point


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  • It's not a deal breaker, your healthy and that's good. Yeah, guys being tone is nice and all, but having some belly isn't bad. As long as a guy isn't too skinny or over weight/obese then I don't have a problem.

  • I don't mind a little chub, we aren't all perfect. just as long as you don't drink a soda a day or something


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