Guys: What's your favorite decade for women's looks?

I'm wondering what decade had the look that was most attractive for you in terms of female beauty standards. For example, do you like the more waif like, short bob haircut of the 1920's flappers or the more curvy and and smiley pin up girls of the 50's and 60's or 60's hippie, 90's heroin chic, or today's looks? Also tell us why if you can. Personally I like the sophisticated and subtly sexy looks of the 40's (Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake) and the pin up girl look like Marilyn Monroe (she was curvy, but not fat). Her measurements were like 36-22-36).


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  • Hm. When it comes to looks, I often find myself liking girls that wear simple clothes. I don't think that I could really categorize it because it's not a "beauty standard" of a certain era. When it comes to those.


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