IPL home hair removal remington or phillips lumea or brown silk expert for facial hair?

Ok, so as a transgender girl the bane of my looks is my facial hair and going to a professional laser hair removal isn ' t an option because I ' ve been going fulltime for more than a year and I can ' t bear the thought of appearing in public as a man and appearing in public as a woman with a stubble ( as the woman working at the saloon instructed me, 1 day stubble ) is absolutely grotesque. So the only option is doing it home.
Now I ' m a Caucasian / Asian mix so I don ' t have a full beard or a very course one, it ' s only side burns with a 3 fingers wide bald patch from where the side burn ends and mustache begins, some more stubborn and course mustache, a strip of hair under my lower lip, again, like the mustache this one is a bit coarser and more stubborn and some hair on my chin and under my jaw.
The question is should I invest in remington i light prestige, phillips lumea or brown silk expert?
The best reviews for effects in my opinion were for lumea but for the quality and longevity of the device they were horrible. Also it only has 150 k 0r 200 k pulses then when the lam fries it ' s rendered unusable. They say the battery is weak as well.
The reviews for remington were better for the quality and longevity of the product, it says infinite pulses and the lamp can be changes if I understood correctly but the people seemed to be slightly less thrilled about how effective it is ( although I really wish this was the best ). It was also much cheaper, half the price.
Lastly there is brown silk expert. This one was on the top on quality sites, has 120 k pulses and also exfoliates the skin with ultra sounds. It has the same price as phillips lumea but there are very few reviews and even fewer good ones that seem to suggest " it only works with diligence " rather than saying I ' m so thrilled or something like that.
If you people have experience which one would you recommend?


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  • hi, i can't speak for any home equipment but my concern was ipl treatment is more tricky on any skin beyond light and the difference in hair structure within different races alls plays a part, even myself with very fair skin have to use factor 30 sun block for a month before treatment so if possible save up for one professional session to gain some insight on how they would treat your skin/hair xx

    • As I said they require a stubble and no make up and there ' s no way I ' m appearing in public with a stubble. I live in a backwards country in eastern Europe, it can be outright dangerous here. I ' m not doing this as a whim. My skin is pretty pale and my hair is dark brown, almost black they say the darker the hair and lighter the skin the easier it works. Also, I would buy tria or a laser device but there are only ipl ones available.

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