Why are people so close minded?

I have dry skin and obviously when I sleep I can't put cream on it to make it moisturaised, so by morning it's dry and a bit red and my brother keeps saying it's not getting better but it does by the end of the day and then he goes back a bit at night and then it's pretty much better by the end of the day, and by the end of each day it looks better than the night before, so it is getting better?


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  • put cream on your skin

    • I do, but when I'm asleep I can't so that's like 10 hours with it not being moistarised.

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    • Yeah hopefully by next week it will be better

    • should be

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  • where is the worst part for your dry skin. your ha ds arms ) egs ack of chest?

    • round my eyebrows

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    • my skin is also red though and I think it's finally getting better

    • red is a sidn of irritation. Thats not generally a sign of healing as it is usually associated with infection. There are many reasons why dry skin occurs. moisturizers. just treat the symptoms. you need to find out the cause of the proublem to stop it from reoccuring. a dermatologist would be your best bet

  • Take pictures in the morning and at night and see what you think. Or even pictures that are a week apart and decide then.

    • well I know cause last night I could see it but it wasn't majorly noticeable but this morning it was more noticeable and then later it'll not be as noticeable again

    • Then don't listen to your brother.

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