What your your view/opinion?

What is your view on fat acceptance? My views below.

Note: yes I posted before but I want to get more opinions.

1. It's your eating habits that cause obesity. Yes there are a minority of people that are fat due to medical reasons. My father is a doctors and works with people with thyroid issues. While it may cause you to weight gain easily, you can keep your weight in check by reducing your calories.

Also I've seen and lived with many fat people in my life and I can always see how their diets and activity levels cause fatness. I knew someone who would literally eat everything in sight. She would order an appetizer, main meal and dessert at a restaurant. She would then join another friend at another restaurant and eat another main meal (both for dinner) and eat dessert again. Other fat people I knew always chose high calorie meals because it tasted good. They have no regard for health and never chose salad.

2. There is no thin privilege. MOST Thin people eat healthy and exercise to get thin.

3. Fat people want instant gratification. This is both with food and exercise. You didn't get fat overnight so you are not going to get fit overnight. It will take years, depending on how long you were fat and how much you have to lose.

4. You should pay more for health insurance and for seats. Your fatness cause in an increased probability for many many health problems. You take up more space so you should pay more for seats. We practice this concept of paying for what you consume everywhere else.

Facts are more important than feelings. It's not difficult to cut out chips, cookies, bacon, soda etc. Fruits taste much better anyway.


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  • I don't know about the rest of the world, but the US has a really bad habit of taking someone's poor decisions, making them a victim, and trying to fix the symptom without addressing the true cause.

    To the specific question, I don't necessarily judge fat people but I do not accept the behavior either. The obese population and the millions behind them headed that way are a very heavy burden for society to carry. Mind you I speak specifically to cases that are actually preventable.

    And it really pisses me off that people can eat all the fast food and garbage in a box they want, but we're supposed to support universal healthcare paid for by taxpayers? Give me a break


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  • I dislike the idea of fat acceptance. If it is OK to tell a thin person to eat a cheeseburger and expect them to not get offended, it should be equally OK to tell an obese person to walk up a flight of stairs.


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  • For the record, neither the majority of skinny people nor the majority of fat people are that way specifically because of diet and/or lifestyle, that's a misconception.. or as i prefer to put it, a fucking lie.

    • Agreed. The majority of the population is not the way they are out of purpose.

  • I couldn't care less if you're overweight, but you're fooling yourself if you think you're healthy or at the same advantage physically as thin people. I say this myself as someone who is overweight.


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