Girls! Homecoming help please?

Best websites/places for dresses?
best places to get makeup and hair done for cheap?
any other advice?(:


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  • lulus. com is a good place for hoco dresses... also thrift shore stopping is fun and cheap and typically successful. I say do your own makeup and keep it simple because you eat and get sweaty when you dance and at the end of the night less makeup is better. If u have simple makeup then you should make your hair gorgeous but simple as well and then you can wear jewlery and shoes that are a little bit fancier. Shoes from macy's were cheap for me and if you're looking for a place to get everything done find a counter at nordstrom and schedule an appointment with that specific brand because it's free and you can buy a product from them that you're wearing that you like. and make sure you eat with people you like and do not go with someone as a pity date, make sure you really like them. have fun ;)


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