Growing out hair?

About a year ago I got very sick and started losing hair, this was about a year after getting a pixie cut so I already didn't have very much. I'm trying to grow it out, get thickness and length and would love some advice! When I started looking into ways to do this I found out curly hair requires different treatment? After some research I figured my hair is a mix between 2c, 3a and a bit of 3b, it's getting curlier as the years go by. Lots of things suggest massaging oil into scalp, how often would I do this? I already only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and drink tons of water. Thank you for any help :)


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  • hey there, i have a few suggestions, essential oil of rosemary, peppermint also here is a great link for suggestions on different applications
    taking a supplement like perfectil for hair skin and nails these take time of course but do really work
    as for keeping as much hair as possible whilst growing it out, this product a spilt ender pro is amazing, i go to a hairdresser who owns one but you can buy your own, good luck xx

  • Biotin supplement and lots of water will be helpful :)


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