What are some good hair, clothes, and general style advice for a 21 year old guy?

I don't want to wear teen stuff I want something a little more mature. I have never been good with style so I don't know what girls like.


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  • I think your clothing should reflect your lifestyle, ie if you're sporty, wear sporty stuff, if you're in business or some white collar job, wear business casual stuff or if you're just casual, a nice polo or t-shirt with jeans will do well, provided that the t-shirt is clean (style wise) and not laden with logos or gangster art. Personally, I like the business casual look because it makes a guy look successful and modern.

    Shirts: polo, simple clean t-shirt, dress shirts

    Pants: relaxed fit jeans (not too baggy and not skinny), khaki pants, trousers

    Jacket: blazers for different occasions (casual or dressy), definitely avoid hoodies unless they were purchased from a non-teen store (RW co. or Esprit). Leather jacket looks hot when pulled off correctly and paired with a dark wash jean with sunglasses (but some people look like they're trying too hard so bring a friend to help judge that look on you).

    Accessories: Sunglasses, Belt, maybe a necklace but personally I think jewellery is generally best avoided

    Fit is extremely important. If it's baggy, chances are you'll look like a high schooler. Whatever your size, it's best to choose something relaxed but fitted. That is, dress your size and if you don't know, ask a sales associate for help. If you dress your size, it'll compensate for whatever size insecurities you have. If you're smaller, it'll make you look more in proportion and if you're bigger, it'll trim you down.

    In addition, if you look good underneath your clothes, your clothes will look better too.


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  • For clothing- I like my guys simple and sporty, if you have a little muscle, try to show it off (in a humble sort of way, not like tight wife-beaters) maybe a slightly tight sweater. You can never go wrong with a white button down and jeans, for something more "casual" like grocery shopping, jeans, t-shirt, Adidas zip-up or something like that. And a little piece of advise- NEVER wear a skinny jean for the love of god. I don't care who says its trendy or hot- its gay.

    hair should always be short, not bald but short.

    hope this helps!

    • Define skinny jeans. I have a couple pairs and I can never tell if they're too skinny or not. They're not skin tight or anything, but they're not exactly baggy, either.

    • Skinny jeans are like the kind you wear "skaters" wearing, skin tight, sometimes different colors, that sort of deal, slim- which is probably what you have are fine, that just means they taper a bit at the bottom.

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  • What I always reccomend for a complete change for a guy, is to read Esquire, get familiar with the clothing options, not the brands or prices.

    Then, start hitting places like the Goodwill in the 'higher en' neighborhoods, go to Macy's (not as pricey as the mag, but up there), and go to Buffalo Exchange.

    As far as hair, you can never go wrong with a shorter cut. If your comfortable with styling hair, go a little longer and try out pomade.

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