Girls' and boys' maturity level?

It seems to be an established norm that girls always date older guys. If you hear about a man dating an older woman it seems much more absurd than the opposite. IE. M-19 F-25 vs M-25 F-19. I've no doubt that around the ages of 8-14 girls are much more mature both physically and mentally. Perhaps some evolutionary mechanism to ensure survival? But I digress..

I have read another post on here link and the majority of teenage girls would date at least 5 years older. Into the 20's the age gap increases considerably. At any rate.. if you're still reading.. I'm 20 and have found that I'm much more mature than girls my age with their high-schoolish impudent mentality (at the risk of sounding egocentric or supercilious).

So how does everyone else account for the girls disregard for a younger man? My vote is for genetically predispositioned survival instinct!


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  • First of all, let me compliment you on your way with words, because your syntax is quite nice. haha

    I've always preferred older men, but not necessarily because of maturity. Also, more and more, I've met younger men who are extremely mature who I would probably date.

    As for how I actually explain my preferences - basically it boils down to chemistry, not so much age.

    However, I do believe that women tend to mature faster in general and that can explain the trend, especially up until the early 20's. I think once people get into their late 20's, they might be less ageist.

    In your specific case, I'd say it will get easier for you to find more compatible girls later on, but that's more due to it becoming easier to move in circles that are more appropriate for you.

    • Thanks I used to read the dictionary when I got bored.. nerdy huh?

      Often when I am engaged in converastion with someone of the same age and opposite sex, a disgraceful event ensues. What did you do on the weekend? She went to a club. What did I do? Read Chaucer. Which leaves me with only one plausible option. Where are all the milfs?!? :P

    • You're hot. Lucky milfs.

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  • I enjoy dating mature guys because I'm quite mature for my age, and so feel I can relate to them better. At my age at least (late teens), some guys my age and most guys below aren't emotionally developed and I'd have a hard time relating to them. I do agree though that it's probably a gentic survival instinct

  • I think that it's a combination of societal pressure to date someone older than you, a myriad of similar mental abilities and the fact that for centuries women have typically married men at least a decade older than them.


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  • While I agree somewhat with your genetically predisposed survival instinct theory, I think another factor is the fact that young men our completely lost in today's society. Most of the men they see on TV act like children and so they learn that they have no reason to become more mature and responsible. Women on the other hand see plenty of role models that teach them to learn, improve, and grow as individuals. The end result is that during the high school years boys stagnate at the 14-15 year old mentality while girls become responsible young adults.

    After graduation young men are forced to mature a bit, but they only seem mature enough to get by, then they stagnate again for a few years. During this entire time frame women, who are taught by society that they need to improve themselves as much as possible to compete in a "mans' world", continue to mature and develop more complex social skills and personalities.

    The end result is we have a more women in college, more women completing college, more women taking on greater responsibility at a younger age, and these young, driven women have no desire to be in a relationship with a guy who, while they may physically be the same age, is far less emotionally developed, and far less able to interact with the woman as an equal.

    • All good points moater! Thanks for your input. I agree with this statement: "men they see on TV act like children and so they learn that they have no reason to become more mature and responsible." A small anecdote: I quite enjoy 50's television.. there were shows of merit (eg.gunsmoke). They taught life lessons and respect... not shows like UFC, Jersey shore, or anything of that semblance. The media has a huge influence over people - probably moreso than we'd like to imagine.

  • I personally don't share the same experiences you do. While I have dated younger girls and girls my age the majority of girls, especially since I turned 20 have been at least a year or more older.

    Men mostly look for physical attributes while to women physical attributes are often secondary so while an older, less attractive man may still be "hot" to younger women its a lot harder for an older woman to be attractive to a younger guy.

    Recently this trend has begone to change with the advent of the MILF. Maybe one day it will be mature women dating younger guys :)