My question is kind of silly here. But ill ask anyway, I have a huge crush on this guy at my job but I don't take him seriously because I think he's a liar/cheater. we both like each other, he says he's not an asshole (I told him he looked like one). he says he doesn't cheat or lie, so just by knowing the way he looks he could be a liar. He was a football player in high school and I hate jocks I don't know why. He looks like a jerk, he dresses like a gangster too which I don't like. So by his looks I can be fooled but he can be a complete turn around idk.

we also text and talk of course, he says he doesn't want to date me because I take things too slow like I like my first kiss with a new guy to be special, but he wants to move fast, go places, which I'm not ready for. also he won't date me cause he knows I'm still obbsessed with my ex, but talking to him is helping me get over my ex. I am also afraid once he gets sex he'll leave my friend even told me that.

yesterday we had an argument about that, and he said that's not the only thing he wants, he wants everything..meaning a relationship. but idk, his looks are deceiving.

someone please explain if I should even consider going for this guy.

i already have crazy strong feelings for him and if he's a liar/cheater like I think he is, it really will make me unhappy.


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  • does it even logically make sense/ "he's a liar/ cheater", why even bother if you know you've heard things about him. a lot of guys' looks are decieving lol, a lot of them want to get laid and do nothing to get there so just move on and find a better catch then.

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