Itchy scalp, hair falling?

white male here. I always had dark, strong hair. Recently, it started to fall and my scalp sometimes feel itchy! It starts making me worried, I don't have opportunity right now to go to doctor. But I'd like to know if someone has any ideas or a solution/tip maybe?
It bothers be quite a lot. I never had problem with dandruff or broken hair ends or whatever..


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  • Pharmacy Technician here.

    Before you start to worry just know that what you seem to be experiencing is temporary hair loss. This will often go away once the root of the problem is fixed.

    Now, the root of the problem. Could be multiple things.
    1. Eczema
    2. Dandruff
    You did say that you never had a dandruff issue so this may be ruled out.

    Your hair isn't exactly falling out because of the root of the problem (dandruff or eczema), it is the constant itching that is causing the hair to fall out. I know you are aware that you need to go to the dermatologist, and if you can get there soon that would be great. The only reason I say this is because you need a prescribed shampoo for this called Ketoconazole. For the time being, what shampoo do you currently use?

    • I had eczema eversince I was around 15-16 years old. Sometimes more severe, sometimes practically unnoticeable. Since the last few years, it's been under control. No itching (i learned to never scratch), redness or signs of it. Do you think it might have come out on my scalp? This thing started over a year ago. I was waiting and hoping it will pass but instead, just getting worse.. I don't want the hair falling to continue and be bald before 40 :|
      I use Dove Daily Moisture shampoo and Dove Intense repair conditioner - maybe once a week. My hair feels smooth and shiny, but the itching scalp seem unaffected. Is there no way to obtain effective solution without having to visit doctor and buy prescription shampoo that ( I guess) costs 3 times the non prescription ones..

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    • Thank you for, MHO.

    • Thank you!

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