What is your favorite nail polish color?

What's your favorite nail polish color? Post pictures. Give us brands and color names.

Mine is Revlon's Raven Red - invented in 1945.

What is your favorite nail polish color?


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  • I think this question totally pertains to girls/women/grandparents lol

    • Some dudes have favorite colors too. MY favorite color has been very popular with dudes.

    • hmmm I like matching with her top what ever color she wears latest trend but bright colors :):):) your matching is also good

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  • Play Date by Essie
    Chili by Revlon
    Timbleberry and Courtney Orange by Sinful Colors
    These a few of my favorites. And a pic of about a 3rd of my polish collection. I love polish! 😍😁

    • My favorite beige is from Essie but they stopped making it. I have one bottle left. "Cupcakes" I think it is.

      I have a ton of Sinful colors. I remember buying "Smoking Shirly" on an auspicious occasion about 18 years ago.

      My fist bottle of Raven Red was from when I was 17. At a classic old school pharmacy - that got taken over by a Rite-Aid - ew.

    • Lol I have learned when I really like something, buy multiples of it. Those always seem to be the ones that get discontinued 🙄

      You have good taste! I like those colors. I'll need to see if I can get ahold of some of that Raven Red.

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