Are white girls wearing box braids cultural appropriation?

I've been hearing this a lot lately and wanted to hear other opinions on it.
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  • All cultures have appropriated things from other cultures. To suggest otherwise would be naive. The only way to avoid cultural appropriation is segregation. Cultural appropriation is inevitable when cultures come together, it is a consequence of diversity.

    The real issue is whether something of cultural significance is appropriated in a positive manner, i. e. it is celebrated, or it is appropriated in a disrespectful manner. If one culture used another culture's religious text as toilet tissue then you could clearly say that it was disrespectful. To emulate a hairstyle is clearly far from disrespectul and could be said to be a celebration rather than a mockery.


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  • It is and if you knew the origins of it you'll know why we have issues with it, and some of the reasons why we wear it.

    • P. S. Don't get appropriation confused with assimilation.

    • I know because besides it being just a hairstyle. It's also a protective style.

    • There are many reasons as to why it's so popular in the African American community

  • Maybe, but I don't see how cultural appropriation is bad. With anything style-related, people are going to copy the looks they like.

  • Yes it is cultural appropriation and everybody that says it's another hairstyle is confused and abusing their white privilege.

    • Stupid remark to say. Because what if it was a black or Spanish person voting that thinks it's just another hairstyle? I would like to know how that would be considered white privilege then if you don't know if the person voting is white.

    • Black people don't have a hard time dealing with the truth of the facts, white people do. With that being said a black would come straight up and tell you yes or no a white would say "oh no do you" "who cares" and some crazy shit like that.

    • But still that had nothing to do with you not knowing if it was a black or white person voting. Like I said

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