How should I tell a female friend that always copies my group of male friends to back off?

We're friends with her, but she always feels the need to be everyone's best friend and the center of attention. When I'm hanging out with male friends in school, she's always there, ready to pry out some element to us that she can copy. We skateboard casually, and a lot of us wear the same company shoes, etnies: she's told us she'll be buying a skateboard and some etnies shoes: it's ridiculous. when we make personal jokes, she usually adds something to them and, quite frankly, ruins them. She follows us round, and sometimes has friends of hers that we don't enjoy the company of, following her around. Often I'm the one in our friends circle that tells individuals how everyone feels, so what should I tell her to get her to back off?


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  • Yes. Stop her before it becomes even worse. Make sure you do it gently though.


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  • "You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed."

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    French writer


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