I want to crossdress how to do?

I am 18 and I want to crossdress because I have worn once a girl outfit and it just felt great.
I am afraid to ask my friends or family any idea what to do?
Anyone want to support me? I am from switzerland


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  • Hit up the internet. Look up 'how to cross dress' for tips and shops that may be friendlier than others. You can also research groups in your local area where people meet up and trade tips etc. Watch youtube videos for more ideas and how tos. If you don't want your family and friends to catch wind, take your measurements, get your sizing, and then ask a girl to go shopping with you "for a friend," whom you really want to surprise with a whole outfit for a birthday or something.


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  • You girls always want to be beautifully dressed, stylish and eye-catching and suit yourself. But here is the question: do you really know your body type? In our this article we’ll answer how to dress for your body type. Proper dressing is not always about choosing trendy outfits. We should know our body type and prefer clothes according to it. Find yourself in the following body types and listen to our suggestions to be eye-catching! 😇😇 www.magazination.com/how-to-dress-for-your-body-type-dressing-ideas

    • Thank you but hard to now which body type I am

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  • Buy some clothes online.


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  • Go to an upscale department store use their stylist. This is a free service.


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