How can I compete with the more beautiful version of myself?

there is this one girl who goes to my school who looks surprisingly like me (we have very similar heritage). our face shapes are almost identical. our noses are almost identical. our eyes are almost identical. our lips are the same shape but hers are fuller and mine are thin. our hair is almost identical. our body shapes are almost identical except that her boobs are a size bigger and she has maybe one extra inch on her hips. other than that, almost the same. but because of her bigger boobs, fuller lips, and added curve, she is much prettier than me and therefore more popular with guys. how can I compete with her?


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  • Why would you want to compete?

    I never compete with anyone. If some girl has four or five guys circling her, I'm out of there.

    I don't need to compete, I'm far different than those guys, and any girl knows it.

    Those that aren't interested, aren't for me.

    You should adopt the same attitude.

    Anyone who doesn't pay you mind, is not for you.

    Never compete with someone else in the room, that's a sign of being desperate.


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  • No need to compete. Everyone is different. There are plenty of guys out there both of you. Stop trying to get the ones that are interested in her. If she is after the guys that are into you, that's her problem. They're into YOU!

  • Physical attraction is only a part of attraction, confidence, personaltiy and mental attraction is also important. Use what you have what ever your strong points are use them...


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  • Develop your personality to the point where you don't feel the need to compete with a girl who looks similar to you. Popularity is fleeting and not a big deal.

  • You don't?

    She is who she is,you are who you are.