When is it "okay" to wear booties?

I recently bought some really cute booties/ wedges things. And they're so cute! I'm trying to make a good impression at church I was gonna wear a tank top with a light sweater and dark jeans. And the booties are close to the rose gold color on iPhone. But I was wanting to wear them this Sunday. Or is to soon to wear them? I'm trying to get more close to my feminine side so I apologize if it's a dumb question. Just don't want to do nothing taboo. Thanks!!


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  • Now I'm not a religious guy but I'm pretty sure par of church is allowing yourself to be played down, being humbled and such, so You may not want to wear them there. But maybe I'm wrong, and in any other situation Fucking go for it. And girl, there's never a too soon after buying them, nothing like slipping on a new pair of shoes


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