What does crying his eyes out mean?

Okay so my ex and me broke up for the second time because of all the drama his ex causes for us.He called me the other day crying his eyes out because his mom caused him a lot of stress. and I told him not to worry about his Because he will be okay, he will have a happy life and future with tas (his ex) and then he started crying hysterically and said why do you say that!? what do you mean? almost like he wanted me instead of her. or just idk!help me what's this mean?


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  • Hes a girly guy who likes to cry and express his emotions ...

    • But that's a great thing. women love that. we like to talk about things and men who think its weak are truly weak. crying and expressing emotions is very manly due to the fact most men don't do it.

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  • I've dated plenty of guys who have cried over me. At first, I thought that it was the sweetest thing in the world because it showed that he cared so much. But I soon came to find out that it's actually a bit rediculous. Most relationships aren't meant to be. And when they cry over it, it just shows a sign of insecurity.

    He doesn't know what he wants at this point. Let him be. He obviously needs time to cool down.

  • It means that he is not decided about who he wants so you should stop taking him seriouslly