How do I get people to set me up without sounding desperate?

is there any way possible. I mean I'm 21 and every girl I've tried to ask out has rejected me and I'm so shy it's hard for me to do that. So is there a way to get people to set me up without being desperate, or I am I just being desperate right now


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  • You need to create a positive energy around you. Think of it as an aura. When you create this aura by doing positive things good people will become attracted to you naturally.

    If you keep getting rejected you may have to change a few things about you. You have to be brutally honest with yourself for it to ever work. If you're in some sort of denial about how you look or act it won't work.

    It could be a little thing such as changing your hair style or buying a new shirt all the way to getting a new job or starting a good work out regimine. Do things that give you self confidence.

    Girls want a confident man who makes them feel good and comfortable. If you can create those 2 feelings in woman then you will be able to get any woman you want! If you need some advice you can PM me. I'm pretty good with confidence building...

    • Completely agree.

    • I am brutally honest, I'm a bit overweight, I'm never had a girlfriend and I'm 21, I dress okay but not great. About the only thing good about me is that I'm smart and get good grades in school. and I play guitar I am trying to lose weight, but people say personality means everything, and I have a great funny personality, but no girls. What gives

    • Don't listen to these people. Personality is extremely important but it depends on the person. Your biggest problem isn't weight its that you have low self confidence. This could stem from being overweight so that's why I suggest working out because when you lose weight it builds confidence.

      Tell those people who say looks don't matter to go live in a f***in disney movie. One isn't more important than the other. Think of them as equally important. Your looks are part of your personality

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  • Tell your friends, "Hey I'm single know any good girls for me?"

    This is how a lot of people get hooked up


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  • you sound pretty desperate too me, but that's okay.

    You can try dating sites if you wanna be set up with a girl, if your really that shy.

    Try those international dating sites, find a pretty girl which doesn't speak English all that well, thus you won't be forced to engage in any weird conversations, you'll just smile and look cute at each other the whole night.

    When she does learn to speak better, you'll be so used to her, that'll be easy to speak to her.

  • honestly, you're being desprate right now :P its OK tho, it happens to a lot of us. I broke out of it by getting p*sssed enough at myself that I said fu*k it and forced myself to ask (it was awkward as hell).

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