Gut feeling.

I met a guy I really like at work and he likes me. He dresses like an asshole, but he's really not. He's always texting people (who might be girls). I always get into an argument with him when he tells me I'm the only one he likes when I know he could be lying, he told me there are so many girls who want to date him and he chose me (well aren't I lucky) ...hes always asking if we can have sex and I tell him NO! I know he's after that, he tells me I'm cute, he tells me everything a player would. One day he dedicates a song to me and the next day its like I don't exist with him, wth? he's a really charming guy, he's nice, polite.

He liked me the minute he saw me, but I didn't feel the same attraction. But this gut feeling just tells me he's a liar and a player...

Guys and girls should I go with this feeling or just ignore it?

I don't love him, I just like talking to him but I KNOW he's a liar I just know it.


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  • You might be legally retarded.

    • Lol I'm not retarted I just don't believe guys anymore as of this point from my past. So thanks for pointing it out. Now unless you're here to give me an answer other than "legally retarded" don't answer my question. kay? thanks

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    • Actually no I am not even close to those girls but thank you for adding that comment. I was asking a question about someone I like you don't have to come off as a jackass either. Trust me I'm not conceited at all!

    • Your first statement about the guy was that he dresses like an asshole. Who cares if he's texting other girls? You aren't dating him. You aren't the boss of him. Fighting with him about being the only one he likes.. shows your self-interest and involvement. You're the typical girl who wants to be treated like a queen, but goes for the jerk so you have something to complain about.

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  • How can you dress like an asshole?

    If you know he's a liar, there's your answer, dump him.

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