Why does it take so long for girls to get ready?

it's not that hard to get ready quickly, is it? I just take a shower, run a comb through my hair, brush my teeth, put on some clothes, and I'm out the door. bam. 20 minutes tops. my girl takes an hour and a half. what takes her so long?


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  • Showering alone takes a lot longer for girls, typically, because we have more to do. Girls typically have longer hair, which takes longer to wash. Most of us shave; legs, underarms, and whatever else. That takes a bit of time. Then add in all the usual washing. Some, including myself, have a lotion and body spray routine that follows immediately after a shower. I don't do anything to my hair once I get out of the shower. I don't even comb it. But most girls do. Most will style it, and that can include various products and accessories, plus the use of a hairdryer and/or straightener. The longer/thicker it is, the longer it takes to dry, and the longer it takes to straighten. Then factor in makeup. Makeup done well tends to take time. Then we have to get dressed, which often involves several outfit changes. Most girls aren't the 'if-it's-clean-I'll-wear-it' type. We're deeply analytical about what we wear, haha.

    Obviously I don't speak for all girls, and not all of this even applies to me personally. But it's stuff to keep in mind when you wonder why we take so long. =P


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  • Well, 1.5h is a bit excessive, but here's an example of my routine:

    15 min shower (washing & combing hair, carefully shaving armpits, legs, pubic area, washing body)

    5 min brushing teeth

    15 min fixing & drying hair (especially the drying takes a long time because I have curly hair)

    2 min washing face & applying moisturiser

    3 min cleaning bathroom

    5 min getting dressed

    5 min applying make-up

    = 50 minutes.

    Although sometimes I don't bother drying my hair or putting on make-up, and since I'm not very hairy I don't have to shave everything every day. If I don't, my shower takes 5-10 mins.

  • WEEKEND/I pretty much have all the time in the world.

    shower = 20-30 minutes

    brushing teeth, washing face..ect = 10 minutes

    Hairdyer = 20 minutes

    hairstyling = 30 minutes ( straightner/curling iron/crimping )

    makeup/contact lenses = 15 minutes

    picking out something to wear = 15 minutes

    Distractions = 20 minutes. ( I get distracted..alot. )

    = 2 hours and 10 minutes.


    brushing teeth,washing face..ect = 5 minutes

    Hairstyling = 15 minutes

    makeup = 0 minutes ( in the car )

    picking out something to wear/dressing = 5 minutes

    Distractions = 5 minutes

    shower/hairdrying = 0 minutes ( night before. )

    = 30 minutes.

    Understand? haha

  • it takes me about an hour and half to get ready as well. typically its an a half hour shower, including washing, I use my face cleanser while in the shower, shaving and washing my hair. then it takes about 20-30 minutes to blow dry my hair cause its rather thick and another 5-10 to style it. make up takes about 10 minutes. getting dressed doesn't take long cause I usually plan out what I'm going to wear the night before.

    so yeah it takes a while for a girl to get ready. but we pride ourselves in our appearance. it gives us confidence knowing that we look good and presentable. wouldn't you rather your girlfriend looks like she puts some effort in than her looking like she just doesn't care?

  • if you use your brain, you can figure out why it takes girls longer (longer hair, shaving legs, makeup, etc.)

    who cares? do you really want girls to have the exact same routine as you?

  • okay- shower- she has more hair, so it takes longer to wash/rinse, shave legs, ect.

    after shower- dry hair, possibly style it, brush teeth, wash face, makeup.

    picking out what to wear can take FOREVER :p

  • Because we have to get wet, the same way you have to get hard. You just can't expect a girl to such your **** so you are hard & then be ready to have sex. She needs foreplay too, & there is nothing wrong with that.

  • ok so a girl has to shower, shave, brush her teeth, pick out an outfit (which could take a while in itself), then do makeup (if she wears it, if I wanna be really precise with my makeup it can take as long as half an hour, otherwise I'll be about 5 mins), next is the hair ( which usually takes me 10 min to straighten, although its quicker lately because I've been doing the natural look), then I stand there in the mirror for about 10 minutes fixing myself up on spots i;ve missed, or hair that's out of place lol

  • I think all the other answers say the same thing, I am just going to add a little.

    The amount of time it takes me depends on what I am doing. I try to take my showers at night so I don't have to dry my hair in the morning. I also work in a lab, so my hair has to be up, no need to worry about being pretty there. I also don't wear make-up during the day, chemicals don't care what I look like! I also wear my glasses because contacts aren't allowed. So a typical morning includes:

    Wash face and brush teeth ~10 min

    Get changed ~ 5 min

    Brush hair and put up ~ 5 min

    Make bed, clean bathroom/bedroom ~ 5 min

    So a "normal" morning ~ 25 min

    This routine, does make my night a bit longer. It takes me about 45 min to get ready for bed. (shower, pick cloths out...)

    If I were going out with friends

    Shower (shave everything, I have long hair and it take a bit to wash) ~ 30 min

    Blow dry, straighten and fix hair ~ 40 min

    Makeup and contacts ~ 10 min

    Pick out cloths and shoes and change ~ 20 min

    So about 1.5 hours if I wanted to look pretty.


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  • from a guys pov

    i think that's because, they know that 97.56% of the guys in the street will check them out.

  • Because girls care a lot more about know they look. Plus make-up takes a while to but on plus a the other grooming, then picking out the right clothes, then changing to other clothes, blah blah blah.

    • I know guys who spend WAY more time getting ready than I do. They have more products in their hair, use straighteners, take forever to decide what to wear... Lotions, cologne, fresh shave....

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