What clothing stores are appropriate for a 33 year old to shop at?

So in my early 20s I use to get most of my clothes from Abacrombie and Fitch and Hollister. I believe when I was around 24/25ish I started getting told by women that it no one my age should be shopping there. So I switched to buying clothes at Express and Guess and places like that. Anyway I'm going to be 33 in a week. This is still appropriate right? Just curious on some female opinions.


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  • First off you're not old. I also think a lot of actual older people would look a lot more attractive if they didn't dress that way e. g. Men in their late 40 or early 50s with kaki shorts that don't go down to their knees and t-shirts tucked into them. Even worse if they have a gut.


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  • Nothing wrong with A&F at your age.

    Footwear makes a huge difference to how mature something like a hoodie and jeans looks. You can wear your standard ambercormbie outfit with a pair of Chelsea Boots and it'll look age appropriate and great.


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  • You can shop at any stores, even A&F is fine, but just avoid stuff that has the store's branding or logo on it.

  • Don't listen to anyone, shop where you want to and wear the styles you like. I still shop in the Juniors dept because I can and that's what I like to wear. I don't care what others think, as long as I look good and I'm happy with what I'm wearing.

  • would you date a 19 yo?

    • Sure maybe I guess. I wouldn't just automatically say no but she would have to be really mature. Why do you ask?

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    • haha yeah you're right! thanks.

    • I'd do :P

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