Why would a girl say thah she isn't interested in looks, but turn you down because you're not good looking?

This girl was always talking how she doesn't like to be superficial, and criticize girls that only go for looks, but then she turns me down because I'm not good looking enough for her. Then she tries to make it painfully obvious that she isn't interested in me because of my looks. The funny thing here is, she is not even that good looking herself. And she used to be really cool with me, but then after I made my interest clear, she started to behave like a bitch. She started the behave like she was too good for me, and almost offended that I liked her, like if it was a crime or a bad thing on my side to even dare to think that I could have a chance with her. And she even started to post stuff on blogs about if a guy really good looking would ask her to be his boyfriend, she wouldn't think twice about accepting. I know I should probably move on, but it really hurt that she is behaving this way seeing that I have always treated her with respect. This hurts more than the rejection itself. Some people tell me she is just immature, and well, I kind of agree. What do you think? Is she Immature, or just an hypocrite.?


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  • People typically backwards rationalize their behavior. Women also don't really understand what turns them on.

    I don't know how many times I've met women who tell me that they like a guy who they claim is tall, muscular and good looking and when I meet him, he's short, fat and ugly.

    But to her he was tall, and good looking and "husky".

    Women typically fall for a guy based off his behavior, but then when someone asks them why they like that guy, their mind goes into the logical mode and looks for an obvious reason, and pulls out a stereotype that she's been fed by the media and other people. So she's going to say "oh I must like him because he's good looking, or tall."

    A woman will also never tell a man to his face that "oh you stood this one way and the way you stared into my eyes and held my hand creeped me out."


    They will just say "hes creepy" and won't know why she felt that way about him.

    Or they will simply say "im not attracted to you" or "your ugly" just to get you to leave


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  • She probably thinks you're cute...but isn't attracted to you...it happens alot! Not your fault, and it probably will not change!

    • I can accept that, but then why the bitch act around me? I mean, just say, thanks but no thanks, why go out of her way to make me feel like I don't deserve her. I already moved on, but she is treating me like I'm obsessed with her.

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    • Because we have many friends in comon and having a bad relationship with her is going to interfere with my other friends

    • Welll I would try talking to her about another girl that you have you're eye on...and ask for advice on her!!! She will realize you are not into her anymore (so she can stop trying to push you away) and she will feel special that you asked her for advice...if she is normal (I hope so)...she will be glad to help and the relationship as friends will resume...that is my advice...if she is still a bitch...forget her!!!

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  • 1.) Girls lie; believe it or not.

    2.) Guys are stupid. Guys will go for a less attractive girl because of fear of rejection.

    3.) Girls are extremely competitive. A girl that's not that great looking may have unrealistic standards. She wants to show her really good looking girlfriend that she can get a hot guy too.

    • Well, that's not why I went after her (her looks), I went after her because she showed me a side of her that was sweet and nice, and I liked her because of that, but then this came out of nowhere.

    • Well now you know she's not the sweet and nice girl you thought she was. No sense in wasting your time trying to figure it out; she has shown you her true colors.

  • Well, she sure sounds like a conceited bitch to me. How do you know for sure she rejected you because of your looks?

    • Well, she posted the good looking guy comments along with pictures after she told me she didn't want to be nobody's girlfriend, and she made sure I noticed it. Sounded like a message.

  • If she says she doesn't care about looks then turns you down because of your "looks" it sounds like she's a hypocrite to me. Just let it go, she is missing out.