I wanna get eyelash extentions but I can't pay that much for a professional , has anyone any tips-good "cheap"brands to recommend?


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  • Cheap brands for lash extensions or for strip lashes you can do yourself?

    • Lash extentions bc i feel they look better

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    • I just feel like with them i will look better ok where i live they prob cost 50€ -100 and upkeep like 25 .. but i need to gather the money bc i have like 10 now😅

    • They're so much work lol. I'm sure you're gorgeous as is, but if lashes would make you feel more confident why not try strip lashes for awhile? Ardell wispies are fantastic and can be reused but aren't too expensive.
      I've had my lash extensions for 7 years and have to go every 3 weeks for infills... they really look terrible if left too long, like scraggly spider legs all over the place

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