OK how about this outfit?

OK how about this outfit?
People say change the shoes so I did, These are cowboy boots I got from mexico these are real leather boots so my shoe game should be all good right?


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  • I thinks the outfit is fine, but the caps you wears gives a gangsta or a farmer vibe. It looks very relaxed casual. It's up to you if you wants to wear it or not. It's not my cup of tea. But people have different taste. As long you don't wear it in formal occasions it would be okay. I thinks guys looks better without caps. Have always seen caps as informal.

    • Really? How does my cap give of that vibe I think it's me who gives up the vibe my face and body give off a certain look but i'm trying to get use to going out without hats so I won't have many pics with my hats

    • It's just my personal opinion and how I perceive things. I've my association and people may have other thoughts. Same applies to other things. I may associate the color red with Christmas, love and warmth, but someone else may associate it with blood, anger, danger etc. It's all depending on the person. So I just shares my opinion, but someone else may be disagree.

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