Completely smooth men yes or no? Looking for all opinions here?

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I am a mostly masculine guy. Much bigger stronger looking guys find it difficult to meet my level of bad ass there is no question of that. That said I am at very least bi and I prefer small petite twink guys who are just on the fem side so bonus points to opinions from the kind of guys I like or petite girls, but I would like to hear all opinions. I am fairly hairy and dont really like it. I am seriously thinking about laser removal so I can permanently be smooth from the neck down. I particularly hate having hair on my feet, pits, arms and chest, but also like my legs smooth a lot better too. I know how I feel about it. lets hear what everyone else thinks.


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  • Guys should have hair on their legs and underarms. Just my opinion. And facial hair!

    • I can see the legs and face part but why the pits? The only thing I think looks more disgusting than a big ass tuft of hair hanging out if my pits is when my nipples are hairy or hairy backs, thank god I dont have that.

    • I don't know--just seems more manly to me. ๐Ÿ˜‚

What Guys Said 2

  • I know how ya feel homie, I don't really like having body hair, and shaving is a pain in the ass at times but when I do shave I always feel great and think I look better, and being smooth is always a plus in my opinion.

    • more than anything else I HATE cleaning pubes off the floor toilet and tub.

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    • search helix studios videos and watch and you will figure out if you want it pretty quick. I found that I now like guys a lot more than girls but I still can't help but check out a pretty lady. Thanks for your replies :)

    • No problem man. Thanks for the tip as well๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • If you are muscular it does not matter it will look good.

    I am runner and i thought few times already how my slim chicken legs would feel in running tights while cleanly shaved.


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