Guys: do you ever get annoyed that girls try to look too much the same?

It seems like the vast majority of girls in the media try to look very similar.

Very thin body type, long wavy hair in shades from dark blond to brown. Short neutral nails. Arched brows. Tan skin.

example: link

Lots of girls feel pressure to look like this. It's a pretty look, but is it the ONLY way to be attractive?

Do any guys ever get bored of this?


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  • I think many girls have lost sight of how to be unique. A lot of them settle for doing what every other girl is doing. You don't have to look trendy to be attractive, I don't think many girls realize that.

    Quite frankly, there are so many girls that look the same. They all dress the same and it just seems like they are all trying to out do each other using the same styles.

    I look for uniqueness, if a girl looks like every other girl, I'm not too attracted to her. I get super bored, because I feel like sometimes all the girls dress like they have been reading a certain magazine or watching too much TV.

    Here are some things that annoy me:

    -Bleach Blond Hair

    -Avaitor Glasses

    -Nose piercings

    -Those HUGE sunglasses that makes every girl look hot regardless if they are hot or not

    -Skanky Tattoos


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  • I do

    I get bored esp of the blond haired blue eyes


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  • i know plenty of guys who don't like girls who look like that. I have dirty blond wavy/curly hair but mine is natural. yes I see a lot of gilrs look the same and its annoying to girls too that they do that. I hang out with a lot of guys and I don't know many that like girls that look like that at all.

  • most of those girls don't even look pretty!

  • Me myself as a girl don't find those girls atrractice neither does my boyfriend.

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