How to clean a mattress of pee stains?

so my room got a nest of ants so we had to spray in there and of course I couldn't sleep there for 2 nights, so I slept in my dads bed with him. It's not weird, I'm only 16. Anyways he got this new mattress so it's all white and stuff obv. Anyways, I had this dream that I went to the bathroom and woke up and well, I had gone. Without knowing it or anything. So I covered it with a hunch of towels on top and under the sheets and left it until the next day bc I had to go to school. My dad didn't know but anyways I was trying to fix it up today and he saw me putting a towel down and I was like "oh just my period I want to make sure I don't stain" I'm not sure he bought it but. Anyways it smelled kinda weird like ammonia, obliviously it was because I left it under the towel. I feel really bad about it and tomorrow after school I'm gonna clean the stain and try to get rid of the smell. Anyways I'm not sure HOW to do that so if you guys have any advice? I don't want my dad to find out cause it's kind of embarrassing and it hasn't happened in 10 years.


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  • You can try
    hydrogen peroxide
    Dish washing soap or vinegar
    baking soda

    Like use 1/2 peroxide
    1/4 vinegar or like a spoon of dishwashing soap
    and some baking soda...

    Dab the area a little... let it sit for a bit and dab it with paper towel after to remove wetness...

    Might not work like magic... but It could help...


What Girls Said 1

  • Get some pet stain carpet cleaner and try that. Make sure you can use it on the fabric. Oxy clean or steam cleaner might work too.


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