Girls, I have a question about shaving body hair/leg hair on men. I want to do what I feel is best, but life isn't always working like you want. . ?

I am a handsome 28 y old man (based on how girls have responded to me the last 10 years).
In my opinion and my ex, i have like the sweetspot in body hair. I have hair on my chest, but not too much and nothing on my back. My leg hair is not too much, but manly.

My problem is that i want to shave my whole body... Including legs. Asked my ex about it, but she told me it would be a total turn off. After searching the web, most girls think so too, but swimmers and bikers can get away with it.

Im not gay and i dont want to be a female. I am a business man whos always dominant i real life and in the bed. I am confident in my self as a man, and thats who i am. I know its not the leg hair that makes a man, but my confidence as a man.

After being a manly man that society and media wants us to be all week all day, i like to take a break in the weekend from my role and embrace a more relaxed feminine careless energy. I take a long shower and scrub my whole body, uses lots of lotions, take facial mask, fixing my nails and maby some polish. Just letting go of societys rules, and taking care of my self all day like a woman would do on a home spa. I LOVE the feeling it gives me, and it also makes me more of a man in the daily life, since i am in contact with both my yin and yang energy (female and male energy). Girls say i understand them a lot better than any guy they have ever dated.

When i have my spa days (once or twice i do this a month, on my day off), i would love to take care of my WHOLE body. And i think its sad that if i shave my legs i will feel good, but being afraid of other people seeing me. And i think that is a big problem, and is the barrier that i have.

Any advice on how i can make this possible without scaring people off and own it? I have a great personality and love to socialice, but it would feel really bad if i a girl see my legs, judge me and goes on to the next guy. I think you girls know how it feels to be vulnerable and afraid of being judged.


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  • You will be judged negatively if you shave your legs. Men don't like men who want to be like women.


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