Cute ways to pull up short hair?

I have really short hair (It barely touches my shoulders in the front and it's a little bit shorter in the back, like an angled bob-ish thing). I can't really pull it up into a pony tail and I'm getting sick of just clipping half of it up. It there anyways to pull all of my hair up so it looks nice and won't bug me? Please help!


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  • Not sure if it would work because I haven't had short hair in ages and not sure if it would work with your length - but you might be able to take advantage of the longer front by pulling it back and trying different hair accessories to do a twist or something else like that. You can use the shorter hair in the back for leverage but if pulled off right, I think it might just end up looking like your hair is medium length all over.

    Again, haven't had short hair in like 8 years so I'm not used to it at all, but it's worth a shot.

  • pig tails are an easy fix,...but can look kinda kiddue sometimes,..i like to fuzz my hair in the back pull all my hair back and make a perky pony (one that is pointing up not down and lies on the nape of your neck, take what ever hair is in that pony twist it once, pull the pony up so that it is on top of your hair and bobby pin it down. It is kinda like a bun. If you do not like the end of your pony showing on the top of your head you can hide it with a head band... It is very comfertable in the fact that the hair is off your neck and shoulders, and also very stylish that it looks like an elegant clean bun.

    If you need more direction or a picture,..casue I am not sure if what I wrote is understandable ;),...leave something on my wall or message me and I can try to better explain.