Is she hot or not?

Jennifer love Hewitt.
I saw someone post a question about her a couple of days ago and i wasn't exactly sure who she was, i looked her up & oh my goodness, she is a babe.

Is she hot or not?
Is she hot or not?

Is she hot or not?Is she hot or not?

They tried to compare her to Jennifer Lawrence, don't get me wrong everybody loves Jennifer's
goofy butt, but you honestly can't compare her to this babe can you?
I mean look at her..

She's not even the type of girl i'd go for, but she's very hot.
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  • I found her hotter when she was younger, but still attractive now yes. She was never a big deal for me though, but my generation went crazy over her! Always thought she was attractive, but there were others I was more attracted to.

  • Compared to the general girl in the street, yes. Not the hottest actress tho. Far from bad but not the best looking one.


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