Haircare advice needed?

So i have always had long, wavy, blonde, dry, thick Hair. I shaved it all of last year and its about my collarbone lenght now (it used to be hipbone lenght and i am 1,84m 12 months ago so it grows rapid). I have massive breakage whenever i wash my Hair or apply oil or a mask. My work Place also had the airconditioning at level Antarctica, so thats Nice and frizzy Hair for me aswell. Everyday. I have been silicone and sls free since i shaved my head. I tried all the Dr organic ranges, yes to.., living proof, grahams, Yves Rocher, redken etc... No luck. Not even applying a balm or cacay/argan/any other oil works. I used a boar bristle Mason Pearson, but that really shed my Hair like crazy so now i use a nylon paddle brush. And i sleep on a silk pillow, never with wet Hair. This all helps a bit, bit my Hair is still so limpy, frizzy etc.
Any advice?


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  • I wonder if you have a nutrient deficiency. Are your nails also very brittle?

    • No my mails are very strong and healthy and hard growing; i have to cut them weekly or else they gonna get way to long and i also was able to grow to 1,84m/6ft

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    • It's just concerning that it's breaking so much. Your diet hasn't changed at all? Have you tried oiling your hair?

    • It all started going downhill when i went on birthcontrol for 2 weeks 4 years ago. A very short time but very unhealthy it appears. My hair fell out like crazy and has never been healthy again; i woke up and my pillow was covert in half of my hair like someone dropped a wig on it.

      If i apply oil or a mask my hands are covert in hair like i just plucked a cat, same with shampoo or conditioner.

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