LBD (little black dress) dress is sexy and it will spice things up?

Just read from Tips of the day.
Does LBD make girl sexy? and why?

Maybe attach some pics of LBD that you think it sexy in comment please.


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  • of course they're sexy and easy to wear i had one when i was 14 and since have many of slightly different variations... you'll get a lot of compliments if you wear them out in various different forms of gratitude.. it definitely makes a girl sexy... it makes this girl feel sexy and i love to wear them... black is a mysterious color and they just accentuate all your assets... if it's short you can show your legs off if you have nice legs... tight it'll show off your ass... tight your breasts if you have them or not they still will be accentuated... put on some heels maybe a thin belt to hike up the skirt a little higher... oh yeah i'll feel like a goddess.


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  • Yes, it's the handiest thing in my closet and it wasn't all that expensive.


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