What's your perfect girl like?

In fantasy world, what height, weight, boob size, hair color, etc. would your perfect girl have?


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  • 5'4"


    I'm not sure of an exact size. Big B or Small C though

    Black Hair

    Green or Grey eyes

    Nice butt. Like this. link link Love how her butt looks in those skinny jeans.

    Personality: Cute, bubbly, adorable, chill, more of an indoors girl. Likes to drink but not excessively. Smoking is fine, but weed not cigs.

    Sexually-Um loves to be in control. lol

    • For hair color I forgot extremely light/platinum blond works too.

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  • 5'11", slim, DDD cup, big areolas, very long black hair, all over tan or no tan lines

  • She would be, 5'5, 36b, natural redhead, green or brown eyes, with a demented twisted personality with a love for horror movies and books. She would have sarcastic personality, be intelligent, able to defend herself, enjoys drinking, and takes care of her body.

  • Height: 2 to 3 inches shorter than mine. I am 5'9, so 5'5 is good

    Boobs: Should be tight, D shape, cylindrical nipples...and should be less than huge ones, but not smaller ones

    Thighs: Should be stiff and just thicker in size(like boobs)

    Hair: Color does not matter much

    Lips: Pink in color

    Butt: Should have good looking butt (I like butt more than boobs)

    Above all, her good nature! :)

  • 36c 24 36 5'10 RED BROWN BOLD IT DON,T real matter to me

  • Girl next door type!

    height: 5' 3"

    weight: 115

    body type: petite

    hair color: dark black brunnette

    eyes: big brown eyes

    breast size: perky B cups, small pink areolas.

    She also needs to have a cute a$$ and a cute face because 'cute-ness' is the quality I CRAVE the most.

    I have met a number of chicks who fit this description and man I fantasize about them all the time!


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  • Perfect girl:

    Height:N/A.I'm 5'3 so it wouldn't matter lol.Petite is nice though.


    Boob Size:Small

    Hair Color:Brunette or natural blonde(European)

    Race/Ethnicity:N/A.Legal status lmao

    Religion:I'm atheist but could care less

    Politics;Republican/or something else.Not a crazy democrat/republican.

    I really like freckles.I notice a lot of girls are ashamed of freckles,but I tend to think they're cute and can make a girl more attractive.

    She WOULD HAVE TO be a sports fan,basketball and football...has too.I'm in my own little realm when watching a basketball/football game.

    I'm bi if that matters any.