Shopping addiction?

I think I have a problem well not really I've recently lost some weight and I'm in between sizes I feel sort of addicted to shopping but I'm just buying new close that can fit me I've noticed when i was heavier clothes weren't that cute and expensive but walking around the mall the stores I use to avoid I can fit in to them and they cost less jeans cost 10 dollars or a top 5 dollars I'm kind of in heaven the cute clothes i admired I can fit into and it's cheap too 🤔
So why is it clothes for bigger people cost so much I went to winners once saw a cute 3x dress and it was around 40 to 50 dollars


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  • Yes i have a shopping edition as well, I'm always buying electronics ( computers, cell phones) .. Clothes for bigger people cost more cause
    it takes more money to make bigger clothes. I know from past
    experience cause I'm a bigger guy.


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  • It's hard to stop that behavior. It's an addiction. To really stop -- exchange your currency (cash) into a foreign currency. Like CHF or GBP. If you can't pay -- you won't spend! And also -- STOP PAYING WITH YOUR DEBIT CARD FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Digital money does not look real and we're prone to spend more! Just some digits.

  • the smaller clothes are made in indian sweatshops on a huge scale so cost American store chains little to buy in but larger clothes are more likely to be made closer to home where production costs are a lot higher

  • Because it cost more to make clothes for us bigger people because they have to use more material

  • Ahhh :)


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