Quality womens underwear?

My wife and i are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary soon and id like to get her some quality panties for the occasion.
She normally wears thongs and gstrings so id like to get her some that are sexy but also can wear day to day... Im more looking for some quality ones.
I've bought her VS in the past but never been happy with the quality so usually get her la senza but i wanna step it up a bit.

I've checked out adore me but they only sell sets. Any suggestions ladies?


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  • hi, fully appreciate the intent but NO NO NO not something that combines sexy and everyday which isn't really possible anyway... what size is she im uk bare that in mind and between the two of you privately does she like enjoy sensual clothes that make her feel good?

    • Weve always had this thing since we started dating that i buy her most of her underwear and she buys me mine... I buy her stuff that id like to see her in... Everything from comfy thongs so lacy stuff. What im trying to say is im trying to get her some quality underwear that better than VS thats sexy but isn't straight up lingerie she can only wear in the bedroom kinda thing. Just some quality sexy underwear. We are in Canada

    • lol sorry im literally stumped for me there is bedroom and outside bedroom haha xx good luck xx

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